The Matis Halva is produced from tahini (crushed sesame seeds) and caramel with the traditional family recipe from 1898. It’s far from being just a well-liked fasting-season tidbit for children and adults alike. It comes in 4 flavors (vanilla, peanut, cocoa and almond). Enjoy this delicious sweet delight at any time of the day – in the morning with a tea or coffee or at lunch as a sweet accompanyment. It is free from chemical processes and additives, further ensuring it is the purest in natural foods.

Choose From:

  • Matis Halva – Chocolate & Almond Cake 10g
  • Matis Halva – Vanilla 2.5kg Block
  • Matis Halva – Vanilla 18 x 400gm
  • Matis Halva – Chocolate 2.5kg Block
  • Matis Halva – Chocolate 18 x 400gm
  • Matis Halva – Nut 2.5kg Block
  • Matis Halva – Nut 18 x 400gm
  • Matis Halva – Almond 2.5kg Block
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