Elite Classic Rusks are a crunchy and delicious snack for any time of the day. They are made with pure ingredients and are an ideal solution for your breakfast or an accompaniment for any meal. For all of you who choose a balanced, low salt and sugar diet, you can enjoy the Elite Classic Wheat Rusks with only 0.4% salt or Rye Rusks with only 0.7% salt, without added sugar.

Choose From:

  • Elite Greek Rusks No.3 (Wheat) 24 x 240gm
  • Elite Greek Rusks No.5 (Rye) 32 x 170gm
  • Elite Greek Rusks No.3 (Wheat Low Fat) 24 x 240gm
  • Elite Greek Rusks No.5 (Rye Low Fat) 32 x 170gm
  • Elite Digestive Biscuits
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