This is the large, oval olive which accounts for more than 80 percent of all the total olive production in Greece. It starts off with a rich dark green colour when unripe, and changes into a whole spectrum of different colours as it matures, including: greenish-yellow, greenish-red, mahogany, and finally, dark, bluish-black. Famous for its versatility, this black olive can be used in a veriety of dishes, eaten alone or preserved in an array of herbs and spices.

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  • Black Olives Jumbo
  • Black Olives Ex-jumbo
  • Black Olives Giants
  • Black Olives Colossal
  • Black Olives S. Colossal
  • Black Olives Mammoth
  • Black Olives S. Mammoth
  • Black Olives S.s. Mammoth
  • Black Olives Pitted 10kg
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