Vourderis Pastry Fillings


Preserves (or 'spoon sweets' in Greek) are made with fruit or vegetables and cooked with sugar to create a syrup. They have a wonderful aroma and are traditionally offered to guests served on a spoon, hence the name. They are ideal on toast, and they make flavourful toppings for cakes, sweets, ice-cream and yoghurt.

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Walnut 12 x 450gm
Sour Cherry 12 x 450gm
Cherry 12 x 450gm
Figs 12 x 450gm
Pergamot 12 x 450gm
Quince 12 x 450gm
Bitter Orange Rolle 12 x 450gm
Green Bitter Orange 12 x 450gm
Eggplant 12 x 450gm
Vissinada Syrup 12 x 900gm
Vanilla Fondant 12 x 450gm
Mastiha Fondant 12 x 450gm